“Mylla” and “Pyra” Rug

Both Mylla and Pyra is avalible at adorno.design
In Sweden over a thousand tons of wool is burned or thrown out every year while we at the same time import wool and wool goods for a value of four hundred million Swedish crowns.

“Mylla” and “Pyra” are two textural rugs made by hand out of 100% Swedish wool from farms in Skåne and Halland in southern Sweden. A fiber that is flameproof, dirt-repellent, biodegradable and can regulate the humidity. The rug is created with minimal cuts of the fibers and utilizes the characteristics of the wool, knit and weave. This combination creates a soft, spongy texture that also can be used as a seating surface. The process of getting rid of the wool (burning and disintegration) and the extensive fields of Skåne served as an inspiration. Fenced fields where the sheep spend their days, spring to autumn.

“Mylla” and “Pyra” rug are knitted and woven on a custom made frame, a technique developed in the project “Rethinking the basic”

Mylla Rug
“Mylla” is a Swedish word for mixing things into the soil.
“Mylla” rug is part of the “PROXIMITY” collection, a collaboration between the Copenhagen-based digital gallery ADORNO and Form/Design Center, showcasing a selection of new work from ten southern Swedish designers and studios. The physical exhibition of “PROXIMITY” will take place at Lokstallarna during Southern Sweden Design Days, 19-22 May 2022.

Pyra Rug
“Pyra” is the Swedish word for burning slowly without flames.

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